Tree of Life Bracelet- African Japser

  • African Jasper is an opaque and dense style of Quartz. Its energy is slow, consistent, and aligned with the energies of the plant allowing one to be more present in the physical body.
  • Jasper is an elemental earth stone discovered all around the world.
  • The particular artistry of Jasper is that of nature itself. Its earthy tones resemble golden sunshine, a midnight sky, deep green forests, wasteland sands, the ocean, red rock canyons, and smokey mountains.
  • With Jasper, be reminded to allow move of beliefs or thoughts that not serve you.
  • Allow the earthy elements of Jasper to quickly take in and dissolve unwanted energies.
  • While every sort of Jasper gives different recovery energies, all forms offer grounding, stability, and a deeper connection to nature.

Item Type: Woven Bracelet
Stone: Natural African Jasper
Clasp: Pull-String, Adjustable
Metal Type: Gold Plated Alloy
Size: 6.7 inches
Material: Metal
Clasp Type: Lace-up

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